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FCCI Yoga & Pilates Classes

"Change happens through movement and movement heals"

~Jospeph Pilates

Waiver of Liability by Participating in Online classes

Before beginning an exercise program an individual should check with their doctor that they are cleared for exercise and beginning physical exertion. If during exercise an individual feels nauseous, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, etc. they should cease the activity. It is up to the viewer to assess the correct choices for their body and make movement choices accordingly. Be well!

Welcome FCCI Teammates!

New Classes Every Week

During the unfortunate Covid19 Pandemic you can find your weekly classes here!

Previous weeks classes still available if you missed them!

New Classes this Week!

Easier Yoga Classes

Regular Yoga Classes

Athletic Yoga Classes

Pilates Classes No Props

Pilates w/ Hand Weights

Pilates Theraband

Pilates Foam Roller

Pilates Toe Corrector


Toe Corrector:

Pilates Toe Corrector 15 minutes

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